• Leveraging ICT to build your high performance organization
  • Broad portfolio of products, solutions, innovation and strategy capabilities
  • Partnership approach that speeds delivery of solutions, shortens time to business value.
  • Integrated team of world-class partnerships, business and technology experts
  • Designing, building and running robust and adaptive business and technology solutions

Vivium Consulting

Engaging to build your high performance African business

Vivium Consulting is a technology and business consulting company that is engaged in fulfilling its obligation of building a better, stronger and more resilient Africa for future generations. Vivium Consulting is composed of highly experienced consultants and delivery personnel committed to market leading solution delivery and  innovation. We are committed to helping our clients reach their full potential.



  1. 1
    IT Infrastructure Services and Solutions

    Meeting your IT infrastucture needs by developing and designing innovatibe ways to respond to business needs,greater flexibility, faster technology innovation and providing greater business value.


    Enterprise Cloud Services

    Providing strategic direction for your data center, helping determine the best fit solutions for your needs, working with you to plot the best use of virtualization, and cloud technologies.

    IT Management Consulting

    Working with you to gain greater returns on your IT investments. Helping you design operations models that helps align your IT strategy to your organizations goals.

    Remote Infrastructure Management

    Monitoring devices and systems on your network and working with you to ensure the highest service availability. Setting up appropriate corrective reactions to system events to reduce service disruption.

    Infrastructure Security

    Leveraging solutions and best practices that help you reduce and manage risk. Planning for resilient infrastructures and business continuity.

  2. 2
    Analytics and Blog Data

    The intersection of Business and Technology. Helping you create insights that inform your decision makers to enable them to drive positiv business outcomes.


    Business intelligence

    Combining Analytics and framworks and defining strategy and solution architecture, helping you solve problems and deliver answers.

    Big Data

    Enabling improved business performance with appropriate, actionable and timely data and information.

  3. 3
    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud solutions are about providing and obtaining IT services using a new business model that promises to cut operational and capital cost. IT let’s IT departments focus on strategic projects rather that managing the datacenter.


    Cloud Strategy and Consulting

    We guide in identifying business and IT drives for leveraging Cloud Solutions, defining a roadmap to get there by selecting the right cloud platform.

    Cloud Infrastructure Services

    Discover how to plan, build and manage cloud services and infrastucture by working with partners and solution providers as well as leveraging our knowledge base on the cloud.

  4. 4

    Leveraging our extensive knowledge and full range of technology and business expertise across various industries to provide world-class consulting services. Providing industry- savvy consultants to help you enhance performance, improve productivity and drive successful growth and transformation initiatives.


    Program Management

    With our highly experienced and trained project managers, we work to ensure the successs of your initiatives by providing effective program management services.

    Business and IT Strategy

    We create business and IT strategies that enable companies to define new business maximize value and manage complex changes throughtout their organisations.

  5. 5
    Business Application Services

    Working to integrate application solutions that provide adaptable platforms to help positively transform how you do business. Combining leading technology solutions from industry leaders.

    Enteprise Application Integration

    Solutions including, ERP’s, databases, Business Process Management, SOA, Supply Chain Solutions, Electronic Data Integration and application integration.

    Application Maintenance

    Lower cost of ownership, higher service levels and efficiencies from your application portifolio.


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